Wednesday, May 28, 2008

America's Top Public High Schools

If you haven't seen this article it is very interesting, the article only has the top 100 schools but if you go to the link it has the top 1300 schools in America. A school in Dallas is number 2. There are 107 schools listed from Texas. Utah has 12. The ranking is based on many factors, read the article for more details. FYI only the schools who submitted stats were considered, schools are still able to send in statistics and be added to the list. After spending the last three years in Texas I have come to have an even greater appreciation for good schools, I am very fortunate to be here at this time, so that my kids can attend these great schools. Just the other night Gregory and Samantha were having a discussion on what resources are renewable or nonrenewable or inexhaustible, not typical conversation for a nine year old. By the way the school pictured is College Park High School, that is where the Academy of Science and Technology is and that is where Gregory will start 9th grade in August; or what we affectionately refer to as the Nerd Academy. ha ha. Click here if you are interested in the article.


grams said said...

Very impressive! Thanks for the link to Newsweek, it made it so easy for us.