Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Grease Is The Word

Last weekend Chloe had her first lead role in a play. DLP is a new production company in the Woodlands and Chloe played Jan, one of the Pink Ladies. It was so fun and Chloe did a great job. I had no idea she was so funny. It was so exciting because she had family come from Utah and Las Vegas. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Robin and Megan and Monet for coming from so far away.

Cafe Wilson

Well summer is here and instead of vegging out in front of the tv (I hate that), Samantha decided to open up a restaurant yesterday at home. I don't know where her creativity comes from, definitely not her parents. She named her restaurant Cafe Wilson and made an adorable menu. I had the lava cake, I highly recommend it. I think Grandma Wilson would be so proud.


Last week we went to Panera for dinner and Indie was in rare form with her many faces. Her favorite part was a pickle that she sucked on until there was nothing but seeds left. I'm attempting to put a video on but we will see how that goes. Only six more days until Indie and her mommy and daddy are Texans. Yeah!! We can't wait.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer in Texas

Yes it's summer in Houston and yes it's 95 degrees outside, but here is how Sammy is cooling off. Since this is the first summer in three years that we are staying in Houston, I thought I'd show a little summer fun. This year Samantha is doing swim team which is a first for us. She is on the Riptides and has two practices a day although, one is about her limit. This is her meet last weekend. She swam in five events and she got fourth overall (out of about 18) in her age category for back stroke and butterfly. She also got second in the team relay that she swam in. She hates the swim cap but I think it's cute, so I snuck this picture of her.

Father's Day

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to the best Dad that I know, who just happens to be my kid's Dad. I am so happy that my kids have had such an amazing Dad. He is my ideal of a great Dad because he always thinks of everyone before himself. I have learned amazing things from him as we journey along through life. Besides what kid wouldn't want a Dad who burns cds with the apple bottom jeans song on it. I know it's Low, it's just what Greg calls it. Love to all the great Dads I know.

Friday, June 13, 2008


A few more pictures of the kids having fun at Indie's party.

Summer Fun

Samantha has finally gotten a trampoline after begging and begging forever. You might wonder why we finally caved in and got a trampoline; well in the past six months since our squirrel incident at Thanksgiving, Samantha has abandoned her bedroom for our room or other locations in the house. Greg set up an elaborate schedule for her to begin to sleep in her room again, and after a succesful five week run in her bedroom, all by herself she got her trampoline last weeknd.

Indie's First Birthday

Just thought that everyone would want to see a little of Indie's special day. We had a blast. She, unlike her mother on her first birthday loved it all and didn't cry all night. She swam in the morning and then went to Lupe's and then had cake and opened presents.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Man Lessons

I thought that I would share one of our new traditions since we have moved to Texas. About two years ago Greg decided that it was time for Gregory to learn a few necessary skills to be a reasonably handy man someday. So, Man lessons were born. This is probably one of the funniest things that you have ever seen, each Saturday after waffles, of course Greg and Gregory embark on a few hours of some man type skill that Greg thinks he should teach Gregory. You know your typical checking the air pressure or painting a room or of course the dreaded in Texas at this time of year; working in the yard. This is just one of the down sides to being the only boy with four sisters. Gregory of course loves every minute of this, he is quite sure that he does not need any of these skills since he plans on hiring this type of stuff out. I know, I know, arrogant we are working on that. These pics are from last Saturday and I think Gregory was outside for maybe one hour but he informed me that it was at least 3 hours. I must say though, that as long as Gregory can swing the pick ax he is pretty happy.