Tuesday, May 20, 2008

America's Next Top Mormon

I just watched American Idol and it was amazing. This was the best finale ever.I love both David's but I think Archuleta is the winner. I think he is adorable and a great representative of the church. Check out this article in Newsweek.
America’s Next Top Mormon
As reality shows dominate television, they're plucking contestants from an unlikely pew.

By Sally Atkinson | Newsweek Web Exclusive


grams said said...

Thanks for the Newsweek review. I had already read it, but I went to the web site and reread it. I am so excited for tonight. Yesterday the news channels gave D.Cook a 75% chance of winning. After the local news last night, I am not so sure about that. Excited about tonight, and cant wait for "So you Think You Can Dance" tomorrow night.

Hilarie said...

i hear ya with 'so you think you can dance'! i have never seen it but i will be all over it this season! gotta replace ai when its gone!