Friday, October 9, 2009

Piggy Flu

Well, H1N1 has made it to our house, or as Sammy likes to call it Piggy Flu. Samantha's never ending love of animals (I know how could she be my child) has renamed swine flu to piggy flu. So, just a little fyi, for all those who haven't had it yet. It does not last only two days, try 8 or so. She was tested last Saturday and the doctor walks back in to the room with a mask on and proceeds to mask up Samantha and tells her not to lose the mask for 7 days. Just a bit unrealistic. Oh, did I also mention that of course the pharmacy's are out of Tamiflu, so they have to compound it and of course if it is compounded the insurance company won't pay for it! Why do we have insurance they don't pay for one thing. So, we left the pharmacy with a little smorgasbord of medicines and some Tamiflu for Gregory in hopes that he won't get sick. So far so good, no else has been sick. What a long week, she was miserable and her cough sounds like a freight train. Last Friday in her school class there were only 7 students attending. I guess Samantha won't be needing the H1N1 vaccine. Good luck to all and stay well.


The Amado's est 1996 said...

I'm glad she is fine now!

Marcus Brittanie, and Indie said...

Poor little "noodle!" that looks miserable... We miss you:)