Friday, March 6, 2009

Blog update

I know, I know I have slipped to the frequency of Brittanie in updating my blog. jk Britt. I will try to do much better in the near future. In my defense it has been crazy ever since Christmas was over. Chloe graduated early, congrats Chloe! We have been trying to keep up with the kids and work and school and oh yeah our two church callings each. Greg and I got called to be the Youth Commitee Chair in our Stake. So everyone that knows us better not answer there phone. Ha ha. We are in charge of Youth conference and stake dances, etc. So any great ideas send my way please. I was recently released from my relief society calling so now I can devote my time to Y.C. Oh yeah and also try to keep up with my classes. A & M is great but the drive is kind of a drag. If I could just figure out a way to do homework while I drive it would be perfect. Oh yes and I have finally joined the world of Mac, I finally got my own computer, not that I didn't love sharing with Gregory and Sammy. Now I just have to learn everything, not too bad so far. Just a few pics of recent events. Greg's science fair and super bowl sunday, and of course Indie.


grams said said...

Good up-date. Congrats on the Mac!

Marcus Brittanie, and Indie said...

Whatever! I'm WAY better at blogging than you are!

The Amado's est 1996 said...

Good for you to have Mac for yourself. I love mine!