Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I have been debating about whether to admit to this story, but it's just to great to not share. On our last day in Paris we were packed and ready to go early, we ran the whole day to fit everything in and then back to the hotel to grab our stuff and then on to Charles DeGauille airport. We left in plenty of time and there was limited traffic, we were set to head on to Munich and arrive in Garmisch in the late evening to start the Bavarian half of our trip. There was one small problem as we went to check in for our flight, we had not looked at our tickets to confirm the airport and yes we were at the wrong airport.Our flight was leaving from Orly, very close to the hotel we had just left. We tried to get a taxi, but there was no way to get across town in time for our flight. Then we went on a scavenger hunt for transportation, no trains because the Tour D' france had just ended, no buses, no flights until the next day and they were 1,000 each. So, Greg rented us a car a French Renault to drive to Germany, how far could it be right? As we pulled out into Paris rush hour traffic it became quite obvious that our French rental had a problem with the air conditioning. That's okay it was only about 95 degrees. We drove all through the night and arrived in Garmisch at sunrise. Although, it was an unscheduled road trip it was probably one of the best nights we had. The moral of the story even when on vacation check your tickets.


grams said said...

Very fun!

Mallory said...

No way! Real adult people do stupid things too :)

That sounds more like a story ryan and i would be telling than you and greg!

holly said...

I know Mallory can you believe it, four adults, two who run businesses and no kids with us and I never usually miss anything, what can I say we were on vacation. Ha Ha