Friday, August 22, 2008

Paris Day 1

This is our first day in Paris and we started at the Louvre, how could we not. Just think DaVinci code. First of all, there aren't any words to describe how large the Louvre is, second I think it would take at least a full week to see everything there. Since we had two days in Paris we attacked the map first thing and we picked out the most important things to see. Yes, this is the Mona Lisa and yes I was almost crushed trying to get close enough to take a picture of her. Just think about five hundred people in one room trying to see one small painting behind glass.... very hot and sweaty and way to many people pushing you over to get up close.


Hilarie said...

That is so interesting about the Mona Lisa! And what great pictures of you and Greg - and Jeff and Shelly!