Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Worst Phone Call Ever

This is the phone call that everyone waits for and is not happy to get. Last Wednesday Greg and I were going to run some errands about 6:45 pm, when we got a call from Chloe's cell phone. Greg said, " hi Chloe" and a lady says, "this isn't Chloe and your daughter was in a car accident but she should be fine." We turned around and were only about three minutes away from the accident at Kuykendahl intersection and Flintridge. As we drove up I was expecting to see Chloe's car pulled over on the side of the road, but no we got there and the whole intersection was blocked off by a fire truck and ambulance and police car. That is scary; especially when I see Chloe's car up on the median and an EMT hovering over her while she is sitting in the dirt. Fortunately, Chloe was only scared and mostly sore with bruises from the seat belt and a cut on her head. A lady of about 50 or so ran a red light and plowed into Chloe's passenger side going about 45 or so. The air bags released and Chloe spun around and went up onto a median in the center of the road. The ladies car was totaled and Chloe's was towed away as well. We are still waiting to see what the damage is to Chloe's car and how long it will take to get fixed. All in all not a great day but, Chloe was lucky to walk away like she did.