Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer in Texas

Yes it's summer in Houston and yes it's 95 degrees outside, but here is how Sammy is cooling off. Since this is the first summer in three years that we are staying in Houston, I thought I'd show a little summer fun. This year Samantha is doing swim team which is a first for us. She is on the Riptides and has two practices a day although, one is about her limit. This is her meet last weekend. She swam in five events and she got fourth overall (out of about 18) in her age category for back stroke and butterfly. She also got second in the team relay that she swam in. She hates the swim cap but I think it's cute, so I snuck this picture of her.


Hilarie said...

Sammy - That is great! And I think your cap looks pretty cute. You look like a cool athlete at the Olympics!

Mandy Wilson said...

I also love the cap I think it is molto belissimo!!! :mother please post some pictures from chloes play!